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Let Your Gift Say I Love You This Valentine - Chinakwe

Let Your Gift Say I Love You This Valentine

The ultimate expression of Love is giving. This is the utmost expression of how at peace you are with sharing your time, resources and body with your significant other. I mean finding someone with whom you can utmostly feel this sense of peace with is pure bliss.

This is probably why Valentine’s Day culture is widespread and the most celebrated holiday after Christmas because at least on this day you get to give and receive those words, feel those emotions and just be in that state of pure bliss. Truth is the people who get on this rollercoaster are primarily the “coupled up”. Single people usually feel left out on Valentine’s Day celebrations but that’s just for another day. Today, I just want to recommend gifts for your significant other that say “I love you and you mean the world to me”.

Are you ready?

Let’s go! 


A brief history of the Valentine's Day chocolate box

As tradition demands, chocolates better not be left out of your list of gifts.  As cliché as it might sound, I confirm that for the ladies, chocolate is an easy path to melting the heart. So a box of love shaped chocolates in the company of sweet words and a dinner invitation is a perfect way to say “I love you” this season. The heart shaped box of chocolates is still one of the most popular Valentine’s gift to this day..

Have you considered personalised gifts as a good fit for Valentine’s Day? 

Personalised gifts create the atmosphere for your lover to feel heard, seen, and most importantly loved. This can include cards, Homeware, Fashion pieces, or even Art. A good example of everything listed can be found on our website With all of our product we can also offer a bespoke service, allowing you to customise each piece to meet your specific needs.

An Expensive Dinner 

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Expensive is relative in this case. Nigerians will say “ no go do pass yourself” which means staying within your means. Expensive does not mean breaking the bank but doing something out of the norm is not a bad idea. It could be a candlelit dinner at home or at a romantic restaurant out of town, or something as simple as a picnic at the beach. You cannot go wrong with Food.

Art Pieces Say I love you too

Art enthusiasts and collectors will appreciate statement pieces with underlying messages and voices. If your lover is an art enthusiast, he/she will feel your affection when you gift them a piece from Caroline Chinakwe’s new art collection “The Love of me”. This series is centred around self-love. I could give you all the details about why I’m confident your partner will hear you loud and clear if you gift them any of these pieces but you will need to see for yourself to experience this collection and order a piece for you and your partner. It will look good on your wall and through her eyes. 

It is the perfect gift to your lover, letting them know that you see their steps towards self-development, self-love and self-improvement, showing that you deeply appreciate them and all the effort they are making to become a better person for themselves and for you. 


You can never go wrong with this. So long as you know their style and stick to it consider your message delivered.  If you want to deliver some cultural fashion pieces, explore Chinakwe's choice of fashion pieces that represent the black culture and vibrant style in a cool, classic, and simultaneously bold way. Everybody loves new clothes and giving clothes express your feelings if you do it right.

Gifting your significant other anyone one of Chinakwe Caroline’s art pieces or expressing your love via her contemporary fashion items or bespoke gifts will be sure will leave a mark on the heart of your lover and say “I love you”  even better than your lips.

Happy Valentine’s Day, have fun, live, love and be loved in return.



I want to hear all about your Valentine’s Day gifting experience in the comments. Did you take my advice? How did it go? Give me the tea 😉

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