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About Caroline Chinakwe

“I create art that will challenge the mainstream, igniting an understanding and appreciation for black culture, style and beauty. As equal to the western ideology of beauty, and to help forge a stronger pan-continent relationship between fashion and art.” 

Caroline Chi-Chi Chinakwe

Caroline Chinakwe is a Nigerian-born, London-based mixed media artist renowned for her vivid, fearless visuals that celebrate black culture while addressing pressing social issues.

With a background in fashion and 20 years of industry experience, Caroline's transition to art was fueled by a need for diversity in fashion representation. As a mother of three, she also wanted to inspire future generations.

As a self-taught artist, Caroline blends photography, acrylic details, and digital collages to craft her signature style. Her art exudes confidence, showcasing traditional and contemporary headwear, jewelry, makeup, and accessories that express identity and cultural pride.

Social media acclaim and endorsements from industry luminaries like Erykah Badu have propelled Caroline's art. She boldly shifted from fashion to art, and her latest collection, "Colourism," addresses skin tone preferences within the black community.

Amidst a global pandemic, Caroline launched the CHINAKWE lifestyle brand, featuring homeware and apparel products inspired by her art and cultural influences.

Stay updated on Chinakwe's journey via our PRESS page. 


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