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About Caroline Chinakwe

“I create art that will challenge the mainstream, igniting an understanding and appreciation for black culture, style and beauty, as equal to the western ideology of beauty.”

Caroline Chi-Chi Chinakwe

Caroline Chinakwe, a Nigerian-born mixed-media artist from North West London, crafts a captivating narrative of culture, identity, and social justice. With over 25 years in fashion, including work at Nicole Farhi and Polo Avenue, Lagos, she shifted to art in 2019, responding to the absence of diverse and positive black culture and style representations in fashion.
Caroline's evocative collages blend PopArt, Afrofuturism, and fine art, challenging norms and embracing black beauty. Notably, her "Colourism" series, born from the aftermath of the BLM protest, explores racial biases within the beauty industry and the preference for lighter skin tone within the Black and Brown communities.

In her latest series, "While I'm On Pause" she draws inspiration from her love of music, the influence of Black music culture and style from artists like Josephine Baker, Grace Jones, Erykah Badu and Prince, how their fashion style has influenced generations of artists. Caroline's work has graced prestigious venues such as the Mondrian Hotel, Nobu, and Stork restaurant, engaging diverse audiences. Currently exhibited at Langham hotels “The Good Front Room” PopUp at The Palm Court restaurant, her pieces align with the establishment's cultural celebration under residency Chef Dom Taylor.

Caroline's art ardently advocates for inclusivity, inviting viewers to embrace and appreciate black culture's multifaceted beauty and style.

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