At CHINAKWE we are very passionate about social and environmental issues and strive very hard to implement this in our company ethos and plan.


As a Black female, artist Caroline Chinakwe, understands the challenges faced by men and women from the Black community in all areas of the western world, such as racial injustice, race  descrimination, unconscious bias and social inequality and through her artwork, tries to bring more awareness to these issues.


When working with other brands, businesses and individuals, we only collaborate with those that share the same ethos as CHINAKWE. We strive to work with those that are advocates for racial diversity and inclusivity, ensuring that this is implemented into their workforce, providing equal opportunities to minority groups. This includes ensuring that there is diversity in front of house, managerial and leadership positions.


To help reduce our carbon footprint and to give our customers a more bespoke product, we work mainly with UK based suppliers and producers.


We understand how difficult the job market can be, especially for young graduates with little to zero experience in their chosen career. At CHINAKWE, we run a volunteer programme working with young graduates looking to gain valuable skills and work experiences to help them on their way to securing employment. To date we have worked with 12 volunteers, with 5 securing full time positions after volunteering with CHINAKWE.

By purchasing from CHINAKWE, you will also be playing your part in supporting our missions and we thank you for that.


CHINAKWE LTD is passionate about supporting and bringing awareness to social and environmental concerns. We do this through the issues our artist and CHINAKWE founder Caroline Chinakwe addresses in her artwork series, our support of SMEs, mentoring young graduates and reducing our carbon footprint. By purchasing from CHINAKWE you will be playing a part in helping us accomplish our missions.