‘The Love Of Me’ is a reminder that we have everything we need in us to feel loved, special, wanted, needed, perfect, valued and appreciated. 

Nothing rings truer than the love of self. With all that’s happening and has happened in the world, loving yourself has never seemed more important. For some men and women, the thought of not having that special someone to share your life with will fill you with dread. That feeling of truly being alone, not being wanted or loved by that special somebody can fill you with dread.

This new collection explores Caroline Chinakwe's meaning of the love of self. A topic that has carried her through everything she has done in life and provided support during the hard times when she lacked confidence and didn’t feel so self-assured. This love of self grew with confidence and self-assurance and the belief that she was good enough for anything.

This takes us to the launch of  ‘The Love of Me’, a new mini-series of affordable artwork that is a continuation of the 'Colourism' series, featuring 3 variants, over 2 background colourways. 

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