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About Chinakwe

Born in Lagos Nigeria and raised in the UK, Caroline Chinakwe is a North West London-based, self taught mixed media  artist and mother of 3. 

With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry as a stylist and designer, she transitioned to art in 2019 to showcase a truer reflection of her black beauty and increase visibility and appreciation of Black culture. In 2021, following the pandemic and a call for racial equality, she founded her brand Chinakwe, as a calling for more diversity and cultural representation in public spaces. 

Her art, like the artist herself, is a blend of African and Western influences, with her unique use of all mediums including photography, acrylic paint and digital techniques to create an end result that showcases an explosion of colour, textures and finishes.

“I create pieces that will engage and delight you while helping you to appreciate culture and diversity in all its beauty and glory”

Caroline Chinakwe


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