'Colourism' (2021)

Pandemic Collection (2021)

Definition of Colourism

  • Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.
  • Differential treatment based on skin colour, especially favouritism toward those with a lighter skin tone and mistreatment or exclusion of those with a darker skin tone, typically of the same racial group or ethnicity.

    2020/2021 were unbelievable and life-changing years for all of us. The worldwide Black Lives Matter movement affected our lives in a different way, opening up wounds that are still yet to heal. A personal incident that Caroline faced made her realise that we had another issue to raise and that is ‘Colourism’.  As an artist, she felt inspired and a sense of responsibility to produce work that highlighted race, colour and acceptance. We can’t end racism until we first end Colourism. The skin bleaching industry is worth a staggering £7.2b as black women and men go through dangerous and life-threatening lengths to change the colour of their skin, all to fit into the Western ideology of beauty. The new collection simply titled 'Colourism', explores this sad reality and invites you to see the beauty in all skin tones. 

    Caroline went through many different stages to develop pieces that showed black people in a more positive, beautiful and powerful light. Each art piece is collaged using different features and skin tones from different women and set in the foreground of vibrant, exotic wallpaper backgrounds, highlighting the beauty in us all regardless of our skin tone. Alongside fashion, jewellery and textures are being main features again, as are the hairstyles and headwear adorning the models that are very much part of a black woman’s identity. This collection aims to help you start your own conversations about skin tone. Does skin tone prejudice exist in your circle? Have you experienced it? How can we begin to heal ourselves from this negative bias?