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Soul Wall Art Print

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"Our mind, body and soul all act in unison.” - Neeraj Singhvi.⁠ ⁠

The soul is the gateway to your inner self and your inner being. It can play a big part in your life, pushing you to go towards the things you want and be your true self. People with beautiful souls are treasures of this planet. A beautiful soul is about having a kind and loving heart, having such a positive vibe that people around them feel at peace whenever you are around.
Read more This artwork features a female with different shades of ebony skin tone collages together to make her face. Statement jewellery is prominent in this piece as she is wearing a silver spiked barbed wire headdress and stacked colourful beaded necklaces.

Limited edition of 25

You can choose between Acrlic print and Giclee, fine art, unframed print. 
Each piece will be delivered with your authenticity certificate signed and dated by the artist.

Please see 'Print Types' for more information on paper types and customisations


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