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Tribes Wall Art Print

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What's your Tribe? What do you answer and stand by? What shows you are part of a Tribe? Our Tribe goes beyond just colour, it is the people who resonate with us. The people we share an identity and values with.

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Many people say that your vibe attracts your tribe. The energy you put out in the world directly reflects on the energies you receive and that you are open to receiving. Finding your tribe can mean embracing and being embraced by a community that is diverse, beautiful, strong and fierce.

Tribe celebrates and appreciates everyone's differences which deserve equal love, care, and respect. Available in either brown or grey printed background variations, Tribe features 2 black female portraits inspired by African culture, traditions and perceptions of beauty. The black women in this piece are connected to one another by their different shades of melanated skin tone. Displaying 2 different spectrums of brown skin complexions, one being a dark ebony tone and the other a pale almost white complexion. Both proudly wearing colourful beaded headdresses, they have their own crowns to show that all of us are beautiful the way we are.

Both variations are a Limited edition of 25
Dibond print and Giclee, fine art, unframed print.
Each piece will be delivered with your authenticity certificate signed and dated by the artist.
Please see 'Print Types' for more information on paper types and customisations.


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