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I Can't Be Stung By You Wall Art Print

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The title ‘I Can't Be Stung By You’ is centred around words of affirmation, directed to those self-doubt moments that can sting you at times. Showcasing to the world that women are stronger than what it seems and what is believed. Women are often faced with and end up having to endure harsh words from both men and women. However, by taking the high road, women are showing the world they cannot be hurt by simple words, that it will take a lot more than that to bring them down, and that is a power worth wielding.


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I Can't Be Stung By You shows a striking portrait of a black woman with bold pink lips wearing a yellow hat and a gold statement layered necklace with a beautiful ruby red jewel centrepiece. She exudes confidence in herself as the bees play and dance around her unable to sting her, reminding her that she cannot be brought down by actions or words from negative people. Instead, embracing the fact that the most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.

Both versions are Limited edition of 25 You can choose between Acrylic print and Giclee, fine art, unframed print. Each piece will be delivered with your authenticity certificate signed and dated by the artist. Please see 'Print Types' for more information on paper types and customisations.



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