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I Am Who I Am Wall Art Print (Version 2)

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As a woman of colour in the creative field of art, the possibility of being misrepresented or misunderstood is always a likelihood and is ever-present in society. This should not shadow your true self.

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This Afrocentric black female portrait is a homage to how bold, strong, daring and fierce African women can be. It tells a story of how unique African women are, whilst staring in the face of their adversaries standing before them, un-wavered by anything because of how self-aware, powerful, and capable they are.

I Am Who I Am shows the versatility in the natural state of afro hair black women and men have, as it has been styled to look like her very own crown with a pearl headdress accessory and a large afro comb in her hair. A hair accessory that is a cultural icon amongst those whose hair grows up and out. The young woman is proud to know her roots and where she is heading, bold and not afraid to show the world what she is made of.

Limited Edition Amount:

Both are a Limited Edition of 5

 You can choose between Acrylic print and Giclee, fine art, unframed print. 

Each piece will be delivered with your authenticity certificate signed and dated by the artist.

Please see 'Print Types' for more information on paper types and customisations.


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